Etsy Greek Street Team lightbox seminar 12 Oct 2014

Everyone who has an Etsy shop knows how important are the great photos when comes to advertise your artifacts. Some times it is a fun procedure but most of the times you have to take a million of shots in order to get THE right ONE !!!

Some prefer to photograph their goodies outside with natural light but some others use a light box with artificial light. I personally use natural light for my softies. I have a special corner in my balcony where I take my photos but sometimes its hard  because the weather is cloudy or rainy. So for some time know I was thinking to make a light box.

I was so glad when I learned that EGST team was  about to organize a special Photoseminar.

This seminar took place yesterday at  Cheapart Halandri cafe.  

Nafsika the captain of our team, Polina the voluntary tutor of this seminar and several team members was there 🙂

EGST meeting


Making a light box is an easy and fun procedure and I though it would be nice to share it with you!!!


Here is Polina explaining us the first step 🙂



You will need:
– 1 large sheet of foam board (25 cm x 65 cm) – you can make it larger or smaller depending on your  items.
– 1 cutter
– 1 role of gaffer tape
– aluminium foil
– 2 desk lamps with clips
– 1 ruler and 1 pencil

If you want your background to be around 33cm then you will have to measure 16 cm from each edge of your foam board (at 65cm side). Draw a line at your marks and then use your cutter to cut along the lines.

Step 1


You must be very careful not to cut through the whole thickness of the board as afterwards you will have to fold them in order to form right angles. There you can use some gaffer tape to keep the folded parts at their place.

Step 2Step 3


When you have your board ready, you put a piece of aluminium foil at the top of it.

Step 4


Then you need a background piece of paper. You can use a white or any other color and tape it at the longest side, like Polina has done. The secret is that the paper has to form a circular shape in order to have this endless background effect.

Step 5


Last but not least you need two desk lamps with clips. They have to point at the top, towards the aluminium foil. This diffuses the light and gives less strong shadows at the objects. You can use day light bulbs.

Step 6


Polina also uses a gorillapod tripod. It is small very flexibly tripod to work with. I don’t have a close photo of this but you can see it holding it at her hands!!!!


Here are  some picks using the light box 🙂 🙂

Polina’s wonderful wire tree

Polina's wire tree


Fotini from ArtandWoodShop

Rustic ciel wedding ring box


Ourania from totalhandmadeD


And my very own Mr. Mustache 🙂

Mr. Moustache


Last advice is that you can use for photo editing Gimp.

Gimp is  a Free graphics editor, Open-Source Software (FOSS).  I use it myself  🙂


And after the class what else…chatting, chatting chatting………



Thank you once again EGST for organizing this wonderful meeting.



Be creative,

Georgia  -mouhoxlab-