Minecraft inspired handmade Stampy cat plushie

Minecraft video game has a bunch of animated characters.

After Enderman softie, the second Minecraft character that I turned into a plushie is Stampy cat!

This was a custom made Christmas order that traveled to Canada for a very special little girl!

This is digital Stampy —- >



And this is ” MY STAMPY CAT ” softie —– > !!!!!

” Front side “

Front side - Stampy cat

















” Right and left side ”

Right and left side - Stampy cat













” Details “

Details - Stampy cat
















” Nice to meet you Stampy ” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Stampy cat softie


















I wonder which one of Minecraft characters will come next! πŸ˜‰

















If you have a very special one, don’t hesitate to contact mouhoxLab for help!!!!

Each softie is made with extra care by using fine materials.Β 

And don’t forget, the quality of Handmade plushies cannot be compared with mass production ones!


Stay tuned for moreeeeee —– πŸ™‚

Thank you,

GeorgiaΒ  – mouhoxLab-


Please for more info you can check here:



Thanks, again πŸ™‚ –




16 thoughts on “Minecraft inspired handmade Stampy cat plushie

    • Dear Stephanie,
      thank you very much for your interest in my handmade Stampy cat plushie πŸ™‚
      Please, send me an email at mouhoxlab@gmail.com in order to answer your questions.
      (I tried to reply in your provided email address but it was invalid)

      Thank you,
      Georgia – mouhoxLab-

  1. Hi I’m just wondering how much you charge for a stampy cat plus shipping to Australia I’m just trying to get a ruff idea before I decide.

    Regards zoe

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