Chameleon curtain tiebacks for your kid’s room

⭐  Are you tired using mainstream curtain tiebacks?
⭐  Do you like lizards?
⭐  Are you fond of vivid colors?
⭐  Would you like to decorate your kid’s room with something special?
⭐  Are you a fan of Handmade?

If the answer to these five questions is Y E S, then you must have a look at my handmade chameleons curtain tiebacks  

Their color combinations are depended each time from the color of your room, your curtains or something special that you have in mind . I can also customize them according to your preference.

My favorites are the blue and the yellow and these I would like to share with you today.


Handmade yellow chameleon


Handmade blue chameleon


They are made with felt. All their parts are machine sewed and I do not use glue. They are firmly stuffed with fiberfill so they will not lose their shape.

Size: Head to tail 12.6 inches (32 cm).

It is really fun to watch a chameleon to climb on your curtains!!!!


Handmade blue chameleon curtain tieback

Handmade yellow chameleon curtain tieback

Even if you untie the bow the chameleon will stay at its place!!! How? Well it is a little sewing trick that you are welcome to explore 🙄

More info here

Thank you,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab-