Christmas advent calendar 2015

I love Christmas advent calendars!!!!

They make me feel like a child again. It is such a lovely feeling to wait each day to put a new ornament every day and finally decorate the whole tree at December 24th.

It is kind of magic!!!

As it seems every year I make a new fabric calendar 🙂 This was made at 2013. I must also post last year’s too 😉

My intention was not to make a mainstream advent. It will have 24 pockets and a Christmas tree with ornaments but mine will have something to stand out 😉

This is my new Christmas advent calendar!!!

Fabric advent calendar


There are 24 hand printed pockets around the Christmas tree. The border is a bit stuffed and so as the tree. which gives them a 3D texture.

I have sewed 24 buttons on the tree where you can hang the ornaments. But take a better look at the buttons. There are two red/white thread lines on the tree!!

Advent calendar detail

This calendar has 24 ornaments. The 14 are letters that form the phrase “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and the rest are 10 woolen circles. Each letter is hand painted by me.

When you start placing the ornaments, if you put on the upper thread line the “M” letter and then  continue as likewise then by the end of December you will get the whole phrase right in front of your eyes. The kids love it ! Especially those who start learning now the alphabet.


Fabric Christmas tree

Decorating the tree


And finally you will get it all decorated!!!


Decorated advent calendar


Yes I know it is not Christmas yet but this calendar is up for grabs at my Etsy shop!

Ready to start count town 😉


My best wishes,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab-


Handmade Advent Calendar

A custom order that I just finished in time for  December is this Advent Calendar.

It was such fun creating it!!!

There are 24 pockets, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day!!!! Every pocket has each own special handmade ornament, a little surprise.

The  Christmas tree is made with  felt and  I had the crazy idea not to be flat but to pop out 😉

Advent calendar

24 Handmade Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

In the pockets!!!!


Placing the Santa’s stocking !!!!

Christmas tree

!!!!! By 24th of December you will have a fully decorated Christmas tree!!!!!!

Advent calendar

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Best wishes,

Georgia -mouhoxlab-