Custom owl plushie from a kid’s drawing.

This owl softie was a special Christmas request from a little girl. She asked Santa Claus to turn her sweet owl drawing into a fluffy owl softie!!!

Santa contact me and ask me if I could help him! After all I am one of his elves!!!!;)

I couldn’t say no! I gave my best and this is the result 🙂 🙂 -> ->




Every drawing is unique. It is very important for me to  pay attention in every detail.

softie from drawing


This softie is made with high quality yellow fur and fleece fabric. Its eyes and mouth are a bit stuffed to get this 3D effect. Every part is double machine stitched and some parts are also hand sewed. Size approximately 15″inches.

owl softie details


owl softie

owl softie


Stay tuned for more softies from drawings!!!

My best,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab-



Softies inspired from children’s drawings

During these years I have received several children’s drawings that I turned them into softies.  Every drawing was a nice surprise for me because children have the ability to draw something ordinary (ex. rabbit, owl) in the most creative way. Their drawings are so special because they do not have our mind illustrating rules!!! It is the creative expression that lets children tap into the magic of their own imagination and just enjoy the process.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

I was assigned to make from two drawings, two softies which where intended to be given as birthday gifts.  Check them out U+21DD.gif

Here is a cat and a worm drawing!

Cat drawingworm1

and here are my handmade softies inspired by these special drawings.

First, the cat softie.

size: 45cm x 22cm

Cat softie



Head and feet details


Second, the worm softie.

size:27cm x45cm

Worm softie



Worm body details


These softies are made with high quality fleece and they are stuffed with fiber fill. All their parts (inside and out) are double sewed. Quality is very important to me and I pay attention in every detail.

This is a excellent birthday gift idea! Don’t you think? You will not find a similar softie to any mass production store and remember that it will be made from your kid’s design.

But, I guess the hard part is to choose which drawing to send me 😉 And then I will take from there…

More to browse here 😉

Thank you,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab-


Etsy Greek Street Team lightbox seminar 12 Oct 2014

Everyone who has an Etsy shop knows how important are the great photos when comes to advertise your artifacts. Some times it is a fun procedure but most of the times you have to take a million of shots in order to get THE right ONE !!!

Some prefer to photograph their goodies outside with natural light but some others use a light box with artificial light. I personally use natural light for my softies. I have a special corner in my balcony where I take my photos but sometimes its hard  because the weather is cloudy or rainy. So for some time know I was thinking to make a light box.

I was so glad when I learned that EGST team was  about to organize a special Photoseminar.

This seminar took place yesterday at  Cheapart Halandri cafe.  

Nafsika the captain of our team, Polina the voluntary tutor of this seminar and several team members was there 🙂

EGST meeting


Making a light box is an easy and fun procedure and I though it would be nice to share it with you!!!


Here is Polina explaining us the first step 🙂



You will need:
– 1 large sheet of foam board (25 cm x 65 cm) – you can make it larger or smaller depending on your  items.
– 1 cutter
– 1 role of gaffer tape
– aluminium foil
– 2 desk lamps with clips
– 1 ruler and 1 pencil

If you want your background to be around 33cm then you will have to measure 16 cm from each edge of your foam board (at 65cm side). Draw a line at your marks and then use your cutter to cut along the lines.

Step 1


You must be very careful not to cut through the whole thickness of the board as afterwards you will have to fold them in order to form right angles. There you can use some gaffer tape to keep the folded parts at their place.

Step 2Step 3


When you have your board ready, you put a piece of aluminium foil at the top of it.

Step 4


Then you need a background piece of paper. You can use a white or any other color and tape it at the longest side, like Polina has done. The secret is that the paper has to form a circular shape in order to have this endless background effect.

Step 5


Last but not least you need two desk lamps with clips. They have to point at the top, towards the aluminium foil. This diffuses the light and gives less strong shadows at the objects. You can use day light bulbs.

Step 6


Polina also uses a gorillapod tripod. It is small very flexibly tripod to work with. I don’t have a close photo of this but you can see it holding it at her hands!!!!


Here are  some picks using the light box 🙂 🙂

Polina’s wonderful wire tree

Polina's wire tree


Fotini from ArtandWoodShop

Rustic ciel wedding ring box


Ourania from totalhandmadeD


And my very own Mr. Mustache 🙂

Mr. Moustache


Last advice is that you can use for photo editing Gimp.

Gimp is  a Free graphics editor, Open-Source Software (FOSS).  I use it myself  🙂


And after the class what else…chatting, chatting chatting………



Thank you once again EGST for organizing this wonderful meeting.



Be creative,

Georgia  -mouhoxlab-


Moving toys (Automata)

It is some time now that Tania Christoforatou who is a great painter and kids art teacher, mentioned me CLOHE automata.

CLOHE Automata are mechanical moving toys that can be used as a learning tool for primary students to introduce engineering, arts, sculpture, mechanics and science, by combining play and technology.

The mechanical principles behind Automata go back thousands of years from Ancient Greece to Egypt, later used by Leonardo da Vinci and having a great  pick in the 19th century, where in that time we see the automata becoming more of a child’s toy.

This idea is widely used by teachers all over the world and it is amazing what kids can make using their imagination and mechanics.


Kids automata

The great thing about automata is that you can use everyday simple craft materials like a cardboard box, wooden sticks, glue or acrylics and make a simple or more complex one.

Working table 1 - Automata Working table - Automata Working table 3 - Automata


CLOHE has great site were you can find so many useful information about how a kid can make an automata toy on his/her own or with the help of a parent/teacher.

You can start with a simple construction and  later make a more complex one!!!!

automata box 1      Automata 2


Tania in her painting classroom has made an ice-cream eater. It is super fun and you can check out in the kids workshop site “koitazokaivlepo” their other amazing projects.

!!!! Thank you Tania for sharing this great automata concept !!!!

I must admit with all this combination of craft and mechanics I got a little jealous and I made my very own automata box.  So here is a video of my Butterfly automata ->


Just my way to say !!!!! HAPPY SPRING !!!!!! 🙂 🙂


How about you? Are you ready to start your own moving toy? !!!!

Get your craft materials and give it a try!!! Children will got crazy!!!


Be creative,

Georgia -mouhoxLab-

Easter Candles

Hello everybody!!!

It is Easter time already!!!

Happy Easter Bunny


I was too busy these days making all these special Easter candles.

There is a tradition that every Easter the godfather brings to his/her godchild an Easter candle. These candles are used only on the Holly Saturday night church service.

It is a very exceptional present that is why I had to think of something unique.


Here are some of my Easter candles with handmade decorations.


Chameleon Butterfly Bunny


Woodpecker Boat Monster


Chicken Bunny Beagle



If you want to see more you can check out my Facebook page 🙂

!!!! Hearty wishes for a glorious Easter !!!!

With Love,


Two custom dolls made from children drawings

Hello again!!

This Christmas I had the opportunity to make two more softies from children drawings.

The first drawing was an “Owl” and the second one was a “Dancing Kid” ( I call it like that because of its shape) !!! lol 

Owl drawing                        2susan_black

I liked very much these figures and the next thing was to examine all the drawing details..

— The Owl has a crown, a blue cape, something like a collar and last but not least a tether!!!
Can you see a black line at right bottom, near the leg? Yeap, that is a tether!!!

— Now lets see what the “Dancing Kid” has! Check out his eyes, they look in different directions. I love its black freckles and his blouse with the funny logo face!!
His body is rather slim and flexible that’s why I call him “Dancing Kid”!!!!

These are super amazing drawings but also very demanding in details!!!!

I’ve better start working ….arrow arrow arrow

The Owl

Front side:

Owl front side

Back side:

Check the tether too!

Owl back side

The Dancing Kid

Will you dance with me !!!
Front side:

Dancing Kid

Back side:

Kid back side

I hand-embroidered the LOGO FACE…

Logo face

Ready for shipping

Both dolls are made with fleece so they are soft and squeezable.

They measure approximate 15”inches (38cm) tall.

With lovely gift wrapping!!!


And finally delivered to the amazing artists who made the drawings!!!

Kid with owl softieKid with "dancing kid" softie

They look satisfied. What do you think?

I know that these softies found the best hugs ever.

Making custom dolls is my favorite thing and when I see these cute adorable faces with my softies really makes my day!!! LOVE you guys!!!

Stay tuned as more special custom softies are coming…

Be happy,
Georgia -mouhoxlab-