Handmade cat and pelican puppets

I made these two hand puppets for a lovely baby girl.

They were given as a special baptism present.

A cat puppet and a pelican puppet ❤

cat and pelican puppets

These puppets are made with bright colorful soft fleece fabrics. Each one is carefully machine and hand sewed. Very easy to perform by you or your little one. They can be used for entertainment or education activities.


This pelican is really hungry 🙂

pelican puppet

miam miammmmm Taste fishessssss

pelican puppet eating fish


Cat and pelican performing 🙂

 (music by:  http://www.bensound.com)


Of course they were wrapped with handmade “mouhoxlab”gift bags.

handmade gift bags

Stay tuned for more 😉

Thank you,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab


Two custom dolls made from children drawings

Hello again!!

This Christmas I had the opportunity to make two more softies from children drawings.

The first drawing was an “Owl” and the second one was a “Dancing Kid” ( I call it like that because of its shape) !!! lol 

Owl drawing                        2susan_black

I liked very much these figures and the next thing was to examine all the drawing details..

— The Owl has a crown, a blue cape, something like a collar and last but not least a tether!!!
Can you see a black line at right bottom, near the leg? Yeap, that is a tether!!!

— Now lets see what the “Dancing Kid” has! Check out his eyes, they look in different directions. I love its black freckles and his blouse with the funny logo face!!
His body is rather slim and flexible that’s why I call him “Dancing Kid”!!!!

These are super amazing drawings but also very demanding in details!!!!

I’ve better start working ….arrow arrow arrow

The Owl

Front side:

Owl front side

Back side:

Check the tether too!

Owl back side

The Dancing Kid

Will you dance with me !!!
Front side:

Dancing Kid

Back side:

Kid back side

I hand-embroidered the LOGO FACE…

Logo face

Ready for shipping

Both dolls are made with fleece so they are soft and squeezable.

They measure approximate 15”inches (38cm) tall.

With lovely gift wrapping!!!


And finally delivered to the amazing artists who made the drawings!!!

Kid with owl softieKid with "dancing kid" softie

They look satisfied. What do you think?

I know that these softies found the best hugs ever.

Making custom dolls is my favorite thing and when I see these cute adorable faces with my softies really makes my day!!! LOVE you guys!!!

Stay tuned as more special custom softies are coming…

Be happy,
Georgia -mouhoxlab-