Custom owl plushie from a kid’s drawing.

This owl softie was a special Christmas request from a little girl. She asked Santa Claus to turn her sweet owl drawing into a fluffy owl softie!!!

Santa contact me and ask me if I could help him! After all I am one of his elves!!!!;)

I couldn’t say no! I gave my best and this is the result 🙂 🙂 -> ->




Every drawing is unique. It is very important for me to  pay attention in every detail.

softie from drawing


This softie is made with high quality yellow fur and fleece fabric. Its eyes and mouth are a bit stuffed to get this 3D effect. Every part is double machine stitched and some parts are also hand sewed. Size approximately 15″inches.

owl softie details


owl softie

owl softie


Stay tuned for more softies from drawings!!!

My best,

Georgia  -mouhoxLab-