Handmade Advent Calendar

A custom order that I just finished in time for  December is this Advent Calendar.

It was such fun creating it!!!

There are 24 pockets, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day!!!! Every pocket has each own special handmade ornament, a little surprise.

The  Christmas tree is made with  felt and  I had the crazy idea not to be flat but to pop out 😉

Advent calendar

24 Handmade Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

In the pockets!!!!


Placing the Santa’s stocking !!!!

Christmas tree

!!!!! By 24th of December you will have a fully decorated Christmas tree!!!!!!

Advent calendar

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Best wishes,

Georgia -mouhoxlab-



I love September!!!

It is the time of year that I am organizing my lab.

Going to the market, buying fabrics, threads, buttons etc…….

New supplies to boost my creativity!!!!

Some new monster sketches and way for the sewing table ->

FabricsSupplies and monster sketches

My softie friend is very excited!!!



  monster fabric

LOL!!! It is in trouble!!!!

My new fabrics have so ”live”, vivid colors!!!
Back to you in a few days 🙂

Georgia –mouhoxlab